Yearly Doctoral Conference

Since 2018, the three PhD Programmes of the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics  (DiLLeS, Antiquity and Archaeological Sciences, and Italian Studies) have jointly organised a yearly doctoral conference. An interdisciplinary conference topic is proposed by the students of the three doctoral programmes under the supervision of the Faculty members, who participate in the role of moderators of the sessions. The proceedings of the seminar are published in the ILLA Book Series published by Pisa University Press.

ILLA Book Series - New Humanistic Studies

Pisa University Press

The series is a joint project of the three PhD Programmes of the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics of the University of Pisa (Italian Studies, Linguistic Disciplines and Foreign Literatures, Antiquity and Archaeology). It publishes works by young scholars or of particular interest to them, such as monographs, collected volumes, and conference proceedings. It focuses on issues relevant for the research carried out within the three programmes from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The volumes submitted to the editorial board (either in Italian or in one of the foreign languages represented in our PhD programme) undergo anonymous double-reviewing procedures.

Editor-in-Chief: Roberta Ferrari

Founding directors: Alberto Casadei, Marina Foschi, Mauro Tulli.

Current Directors: Cristina Cabani, Enrico Di Pastena, Paolo Liverani.

Scientific Committee: Albert R. Ascoli, Univ. Berkeley, Ca.; Simone Beta, Univ. Siena; Pietro U. Dini, Univ. Pisa; Francesca Fedi, Univ. Pisa; Maria Letizia Gualandi, Univ. Pisa; Juliane House, Univ. Amburgo; Mario Labate, Univ. Firenze; Irmgard Männlein-Robert, Univ. Tübingen; Guido Mazzoni, Univ. Siena; Paolo Pontari, Univ. Pisa; Biancamaria Rizzardi, Univ. Pisa; Emanuele Zinato, Univ. Padova.


  1. Il comico. Teorie, forme, rappresentazioni, a cura di M. C. Cabani, M. Foschi Albert, M. Tulli con la collaborazione di M. Nardi e M. Taliani, 2019.
  2. Nuove inchieste sull’epistola a Cangrande (Atti della giornata di Studi Pisa 18 dicembre 2018), a cura di A. Casadei, 2020.
  3. Menzogna e falsificazione, a cura di A. Casadei, M. Foschi Albert, M. Tulli, 2021


  • Interruzioni e Cesure (International Graduate Conference organizzata dai dottorandi in Discipline Linguistiche e Letterature Straniere e in Studi Italianistici, 11-13 dicembre 2019)
Yearly Graduate Conference 2024


Linguistic Disciplines and Foreign Literatures (DiLLeS)

Call for papers

Phenomenologies of memory: interconnecting literary, linguistic, and philological studies

Pisa, Palazzo Matteucci, Aula Magna

July 4-5, 2024

The conference’s aim is to investigate the multiplicity of meanings that the notion of memory can be seen to convey from a literary, linguistic, and philological point of view. What do we mean exactly when speaking of memory? Is reductio ad unum possible when dealing with such semantically differentiated concepts as retention, remembrance, recollection, recalling, and post-memory? How substantial are the differences between collective and individual memory? How do the mechanisms of memory reverberate on the structures and changes of linguistic systems? And how does human memory differ from the computational memories that are progressively gaining ground in the era of Big Data? Taking its cue from these issues, the conference intends to contribute to the debate on memory’s multiple connotations. Space will also be devoted to the interconnections between the language, writing, traditions and conceptualizations concerning memory, and to the ways the ‘phenomenologies of memory’ can be examined through the methodologies of linguistics, philological analysis, and literary criticism.

PhD students are invited to send their proposals on the following subjects (or similar/related themes):

  • Literature: individual/collective memory, explicit/implicit memory, prospective memory and post-memory, Trauma studies, autobiographical, biographical and historical/documentary writing, reconstructive memory and identity.
  • Linguistics: the mechanisms of memory and the structures of language from a synchronic and diachronic perspective; writing and metalinguistic canons; the role of memory in the acquisition and learning of language and in language disorders; artificial memories and computational linguistics.
  • Philology: authorial philology, Digital editions, memory transmission through texts, reconstructions of historical memory, the importance of memory for textual transmission.

PhD students who wish to participate must submit an abstract of 2,000 characters (including spaces and with a further section containing a Reference List). Please remember that abstracts should be accompanied by the presenter’s name and surname, institutional affiliation and e-mail address. Proposals should be submitted by May 12, 2024 to the following e-mail addresses:,  Presentations can be delivered in Italian or in English.

Abstract contributions will be evaluated by a scientific committee and accepted authors will be notified by June 2, 2024. A selection of the Conference papers will be published in the academic book series ILLA – Nuove Ricerche Umanistiche (Pisa University Press).

Further information will be available in the next weeks on the following link:

The DiLLeS Doctoral Conference follows the guidelines relating to gender equal opportunities at conferences.

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