End-of-year assessment

Admittance to the next year of the doctoral programme is contingent on an end-of-year assessment (usually in the second half of October). By the deadline set by the Board, students must present a report of the activities carried out over the previous 12 months. They are also required to give a presentation on the advancement of their doctoral studies so that the Faculty can approve admission to the next year or, in the case of third-year students, to the final exam.

In particular, by the deadline indicated in the calendar published each year, first- and second- year students must submit to the Coordinator and the Secretary of the doctoral programme the following:

  • a narrative report including the progress made on their research project;
  • certificate of attendance of the activities organised by the PhD Programme;
  • a list of the conferences, seminars, workshops and lessons attended between November 1st of the previous year and October 31st of the present year (certificates of attendance must be included if available);
  • a list of the presentations given at conferences or seminars, indicating whether national or international;
  • list of publications that have appeared over the previous months (with clear indication of the year of publication) or that are in print (but not in preparation);
  • any other relevant information (e.g., teaching engagements, awards, appointments, research carried out abroad, etc.)

They must also include:

  • the critical essay on the topic selected from one of the seminars offered in June and July (which must be sent to the Coordinator, the Secretary, the lecturers(s) of the seminar in question, the thesis supervisor and the referent for the curriculum, following the directions provided on the dedicated page). The seminar lecturer(s) will provide feedback and an evaluation.

Third-year students must hand in:

  • a schematic report of the activities carried out over the previous three years (using the form specifically designed for this purpose);
  • certificate of attendance of the activities organised by the PhD Programme;

On the day of the presentations, first-year students will illustrate the status of their project to the Faculty Council in a 10 minute presentation followed by 10 minutes for discussion. Second-year students will have 20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion and the third-year students will have 10 minutes to present the outline of their nearly completed thesis and 10 minutes for discussion. Presentations must be given in Italian.

The Faculty will jointly assess whether the students can be admitted to the following year / final exam.

Schedule for End-of-Year Assessment - 2024

30th january 2024, 9h30 Aula Magna di Palazzo Matteucci

9:30     Ludovica Cerini (XXXVI ciclo; supervisor: A. Lenci)

9:50     Paolo Pedinotti (XXXVI ciclo; supervisor: A. Lenci)

10:10   Giulia Greco (XXXVI ciclo; supervisor: D. Romagno)

10:30   Carolina Marescotti (XXXVI ciclo; supervisor: D. Romagno)

10:50   Valérie Tosi (XXXVI ciclo; supervisore: B. Rizzardi)

11:10   Marta Capossela (XXXVI ciclo; supervisore: M. Sabbatini)

11:30   Giovanni Pontolillo (XXXV ciclo; supervisore: A. Sanna)

11:50   Filippo Saettoni* (XXXVII ciclo; supervisore: S. Bruti)

*passaggio d’anno

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