The Doctorate in Linguistic Disciplines and Foreign Literatures (DiLLeS) promotes, organises and manages highly specialised instruction and research in linguistic, modern philological and literary studies. The specificity of these three disciplinary areas is guaranteed by the articulation of the doctorate into two curricula that reflect the research interests of the members of the Faculty Council, which also includes 15 renowned scholars from foreign universities.

  • General, historical, applied, computational, educational and modern languages linguistics
  • Modern and comparative foreign literatures

DiLLeS is an innovative international doctorate programme fostering internationalisation through the activation of co-tutorship agreements with foreign institutions. Every year, curricular seminars are held by the faculty members as well as by invited lecturers. Moreover, the programme organises cycles of conferences and workshops on topics of interest for the PhD students. DiLLeS brings together specialisation and interdisciplinarity through several initiatives such as Giornate del Dottorato (an opportunity for interaction between professors and students on themes and theoretical-methodological models of inter-curricular interest), Seminario Tridottorale (a doctoral student conference organised in collaboration with the other two doctoral programmes of the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics), and the cross-curricular seminars organised by the University of Pisa.

The doctoral program includes the following scientific-disciplinary areas:

General, historical, applied, computational, educational, and modern language linguistics

French, English, Baltic languages, Portuguese, Spanish, German

  • L-LIN/01 (Glottology and Linguistics);
  • L-LIN/02 (Educational Linguistics);
  • L-LIN/04 (Language and Translation – French Language);
  • L-LIN/07 (Language and Translation – Spanish Language);
  • L-LIN/09 (Language and Translation – Portuguese and Brazilian Languages);
  • L-LIN/12 (Language and Translation – English Language);
  • L-LIN/14 (Language and Translation – German Language).
Modern and Comparative Foreign Literatures

French, English, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Slavonic, German

  • L-FIL-LET/15 (German Philology)
  • L-LIN/03 (French Literature);
  • L-LIN/05 (Spanish Literature);
  • L-LIN/06 (Hispanic American Language and Literatures);
  • L-LIN/08 (Portuguese and Brazilian Literature);
  • L-LIN/10 (English Literature);
  • L-LIN/13 (German Literature);
  • L-LIN/17 (Romanian Language and Literature);
  • L-LIN/21 (Slavonic Studies);
  • L-FIL-LET/14 (Literary Criticism and Comparative Literatures).

The DiLLeS PhD Programme publishes the research book series ILLA – Nuove Ricerche Umanistiche. in collaboration with the doctorates in Sciences of Antiquity and Archaeology and Italian Studies.