International Relations

The PhD Programme in Linguistic Disciplines and Foreign Literatures actively participates in the process of internationalisation promoted by the University of Pisa through numerous agreements with prestigious foreign universities.

Active agreements

The obtainment of a dual-title PhD degree is regulated by a general agreement stipulated between two doctoral programmes and leads to the award of the title of PhD being awarded by both institutions involved, upon satisfaction of the all the requirements indicated in the co-tutoring contract. The PhD Programme DiLLeS has bilateral agreements with several prestigious institutions, including: the ALLPH@ (Arts, Lettres, Langues, Philosophie, Communication) Programme of the University of Toulouse “Jean Jaurè”, Université de Corsica, Universidade Federal de Goias, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, and Vilnius University.

International Doctorate Degree

The title of Doctor Europaeus or International PhD can be issued to our PhD graduates, if specific conditions are respected (at least a 3-month research stay at a foreign university, foreign examiners for the dissertation, at least one foreign member in the defence / viva committee, defence / viva in a language other than Italian). For more information, please visit the dedicated page of the University website.

How to propose a new international agreement

Proposals for agreements with foreign PhD Programmes to tutor doctoral students jointly and grant them a dual-title must be examined and approved by the Faculty Council.

Supervisors can propose the activation of a new agreement with a partner foreign PhD Programma by contacting the person in charge of international relations at the administrative office for doctoral programmes of the University of Pisa (Ms. Daniela Viccica) in order to receive detailed instructions on the procedure.

Co-tutored doctoral students are required to participate in all the activities offered by our PhD programme online, as well as in person when in Italy as visiting PhD. They must present their research with their local peers.

For more information on the activation of co-tutorship agreements please visit the dedicated page of the University website and the regulations of the PhD program. It is not possible to sign co-tutoring agreements for students in their last year of the course (third year).

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