The PhD Programme in Linguistic Disciplines and Foreign Literatures offers high-quality education in philology, literature and linguistics. Each year, a number of educational opportunities are offered to our PhD students, including  specialised seminars taught by faculty members, lectures held by invited Italian and international leading scholars, and Giornate del Dottorato, a two-day event featuring a series of lectures and a round-table in which third year students discuss a topic proposed by a moderator chosen among the faculty members.

Every year, a graduate conference is jointly organised by the three PhD Programmes belonging of the Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics, to foster interdisciplinarity in the Humanities. Moreover, cross-sectoral soft-skills courses are offered to Doctoral Students of all programmes at the University of Pisa.

The progress of the students’ research is monitored by the supervisors appointed to each of them and is collectively assessed by the Faculty on two separate occasions: a day dedicated to mid-term presentations of the projects and a day dedicated to end-of-year assessment colloquia for the admission to the next year.

Incoming co-tutored doctoral students must participate in all the activities offered to their locally-based peers.

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